Page 10 - Innovation in energy management: contribution of railways to sustainable mobility
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General representation of an intelligent railway electrical network.

                  OTHER ENERGY VECTORS

                  Electricity will continue to be the main energy vector of Spanish rail transport. That said,
                  which other energy vectors will also be used in the future? In view of the different initiatives
                  launched by the operators and the industry, these vectors would be Hydrogen, LNG and zero
                  footprint fuels.

                  Indeed,  as  indicated  above,  around  20%  of  current  rail  traffic  in  Spain  continues  to  be
                  developed with diesel traction, so the introduction of new vectors that decarbonise this
                  traffic is a process that has already begun.

                  In the case of Hydrogen, the initiatives launched since 2020 are diverse,  with the main
                  objective the development of a new generation of vehicles with this type of traction. An
                  example  is  the  European  collaborative  project  FCH2RAIL  in  which  a  new  hybrid
                  electric/hydrogen train modality will be developed starting from an EMU 463 belonging to

                  In  fact,  the  main  Spanish  manufacturers  of  rolling  stock  are  already  developing
                  technological projects in this area.

                  LNG  has  also  been  involved  in  different  projects  in  recent  years,  highlighting  the
                  transformation of an EMU 2600, also belonging to Renfe, in the RaiLNG project.

                  Renfe has been running a Fleet Renewal Plan since 2019, with the main objective to reduce
                  the average age of its railway fleet. Specifically, the Cercanías and Media Distancia services
                  - which account for more than 80% of the company's public service - count on railway
                  material that is more than 30 years old, making it essential to act. This rejuvenation of
                  rolling stock is partly linked to having trains with better characteristics in terms of energy
                           Position paper: Innovation in energy management: contribution of railways to sustainable mobility
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